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Allergen training for your team

With many staff furloughed throughout the hospitality industry, now is the perfect time to undertake some allergen training. Ahead of World Allergy Week, we spoke to Caroline Benjamin of Food Allergy Aware to get her advice on how businesses can make sure their teams return to the workplace more allergen savvy than when they left…….

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How to be a manager as Head Chef (not just one of the team)

In kitchens, the same process happens no matter whether it is a large multi-outlet hotel or an individual restaurant. Chefs will work their way up through the ranks to take their first Head Chef position. What many chefs do not realise is that once you step into that Number One position, you have to have all…

Front of House Training by Kitchen CUT - Global Recipe Costing Software - www.kitchencut.com
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Front of House training

Many restaurants still have a clear divide between the kitchen and the front of house, which is often referred to as ‘them’ and ‘us’. However, more modern thinking chefs are now realising that this is not the way to operate and a more collaborative approach is far more beneficial for the business, not to mention…

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Webinar dates with Kitchen CUT

https://www.kitchencut.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/webinar.jpg Kitchen CUT has always delivered webinars to help members get the most out of the system. For 2015 we’re launching a range of webinars to help you get the most out of Kitchen CUT, as well as some general consultancy webinars to help you improve and be aware of various aspects of managing your…

Kitchen Team Training by Kitchen CUT - Global Recipe Costing Software - www.kitchencut.com
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Win-Win – Team Building

The phrase ‘Win-Win’ is widely used across many different professions, business situations and even personal relationships. In this blog we highlight the benefits of applying this principal to managing your teams. It is about ensuring that everyone in your operation(s) gets something from your actions and the way you manage, including you and your customers….

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