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Kick-start your performance with confidence and control

When operations emerge above the competition and business owners want to take that next step, momentum is key to overcome the challenges that lie ahead. Geared with the understanding of your operation you can stay agile, react to changing market conditions and build a framework for growth. Evolving your concept is inevitable, which is why it is so important to implement change which is led by critical performance insights. Deeper understanding leads to improved and sustained performance.

Operating with F+B Engine, you have the framework and resources in place to adapt quickly and easily. Your ready-made blue-print of operational excellence is literally just a few clicks away.

Operational straight out of the box, empowering you to expand your business using tried and tested methods. Instant controls and procedures, supported by intuitive training standards enable you to gain customer share quickly as well as strengthen your brand power.

Software that works for you + your teams in operation

Results-driven business framework that enable your plans for success

Getting started

Switching to F+B Engine is quick and easy to do. We find this is one of the best times to review and audit; you’ll be surprised what you find . . .

Ease of use

F+B Engine is renowned for its usability, accessibility and performance. We constantly invest in improving and extending our platform to make every day that bit easier.


Because F+B Engine is so simple to use, you’ll find that your data will become more accurate. More interaction and engagement leads to more data with better insight.


Support your business with great performing tech and it will support you in your drive to deliver great product, price, people, place and profit.


F+B Engine gives your back of house teams a complete view of operations, end to end. One integrated SaaS Solution with one source of the truth.


Performance is paramount and F+B Engine can drive the data you need to ensure that you take the right critical decisions from the right insights.


Understanding operations that give you the confidence to grow

Back of House operations needn’t be a drain on your time. Implemented correctly, back office operations sit as background tasks supporting your teams on the ground. Align your teams to a single set of processes, monitor each location’s performance whilst on the go; have the transparency across your business that impacts and benefits you and your investors the most. Continuity is key…


Plan today, perform tomorrow

Essentials+ gives you and your teams everything you need to monitor and measure your business to achieve sustained performance.  Monitor and manage your performance with speed andagility as well as accuracy. Clear insights give you the clarity to build an improved, sustained performance.

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“In my career, I’ve used every software there is. They've always felt very old fashioned and clunky without the end user in mind. When Kitchen CUT came along it felt so modern and intuitive! With the constant updates, the system is always on top of the game. The nutritional and allergen management is truly a gamechanger.”

Green & Fortune

“The system has many touch points across our business, especially managers and chefs – we use it daily. It’s our key reference for the profitability of our dishes. It has - for the first time - given us the tools to set ambitious gross profits targets and practically work towards them.

Club Mexicana

“In our first five months we’ve seen some incredible results from Kitchen CUT. The system is so user-friendly, it made it easy for us, to train our teams – many of whom have not used a system before. Utilising the basic settings alone, the system has saved us a significant amount of money.”

McManus Pubs

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