Transforming F&B operations and performance

Cloud-based restaurant and bar software that gives you real-time intelligence, transforming the way your F&B business operates

Restaurant operations just got a whole lot easier.

Designed by internationally renowned chef, John Wood, Kitchen CUT has been created to share his insight, experience, and success from over 35 years in the industry.

With Kitchen CUT you’re able to monitor performance at a glance allowing you to make instant and informed operational decisions.

Incredibly powerful, yet unbelievably intuitive software for restaurants.

Kitchen CUT helps transform every element of an F&B business by putting the F&B team at the heart of the operation.

Take control, wherever you are, with access from any device. Kitchen CUT combines an understanding of the pressures of a restaurant and the requirements of the boardroom.

The world’s leading software for restaurants…

Supplier management

Monitor, measure, control, update. See your supplier costs line-by-line and be alerted to price fluctuations so you can make changes to ensure dish profitability.

Allergen tracking

Track allergens from supplier to serving, giving your FoH teams complete visibility, your customers complete peace of mind and your business complete legal compliance

Recipe costing & menu planning

Get creative in half the time. Write recipes and menus in minutes, ensuring complete accuracy and profitability every time

Nutritional analysis

Instant analysis driven by the USDA and McCance & Widdowson CoFids data. Easy to follow Traffic Lights, calorific content and RDA’s too.

Stock depletion & inventory management

Track and monitor stock in hand, line by line across every outlet. Move stock around the business and track usage from sales.

Wastage tracking

Automatically track and trace your kitchen waste, analysing beyond the weight, accurately viewing trends before taking decisive action.

Breakages & loss

Track and monitor crockery, cutlery and glassware inventory across your outlets, hunting down signs of the missing teaspoon epidemic and see where you may be losing money.

Digital menus

Publish live menus direct to your website including pricing, allergens, nutritional and photography direct from the kitchen. No need to duplicate the work.

ePurchasing & online ordering

Unrivalled restaurant purchasing software. Automated PO’s and status tracking has never been easier. Complete visibility and control of your spend, whilst still maintaining contact with suppliers.

Reporting & analytics

Un-rivalled live-time insights that enables you to monitor, evaluate, and improve your business’s performance. View entire estates, or focus on individual outlets, control is in your hands.

Connect your favourite tools

Sharing information is growing ever easier between third party Procurement and EPoS systems. We’re integration ready – are you?

Multi-Site Enterprise Networks

Connect your businesses and improve consistency and quality instantly across your entire portfolio. Align standards and performance, skill-levels and productivity, customer experience and profitability.

Supporting teams in operation

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