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Let’s start with essentials.

You’re an industry professional with far too little time. Being hands on, making quick decisions and getting teams engaged and onboard is absolutely critical. F+B Engine is ready-made, out of the box and is quick and easy to implement.

If you need to streamline your business, fire up your team, reduce the noise that you or your teams have to face day in, day out, then you need a scalable platform that is intuitive, accessible and of course feature-rich.

F+B Engine can quickly form the back-bone of your operation, overseeing many important daily tasks allowing them to be performed effortlessly.

Software that works for you, anytime, anywhere

Powerful + Intuitive software that helps manage your cash-flow

Getting started

If you’re worried about where to start, don’t be! Try us FREE for 14-days, chat with one of our service team and you’ll be ready to roll in no time.

Approve and track price changes

With continually costs rising, you’ll want to keep track. Connect direct to your vendor Gateway and seamlessly receive product updates and notifications.

Allergen awareness

Peace of mind for you, your teams and your customers. Menu item updates direct from your vendors.

Improve cash-flow

Instant spend tracking and credit listing means no more waiting and chasing. Manage your cash faster and easier.

Know what you’re selling

Maximise your sales mix to gain maximum profit. Then analyse your sales to ensure there is no lost revenues.

PerformanceIQ and profit

Simple reports that help you understand your business performance. Focus on the good and reduce the bad.


Operational returns that go beyond the imaginable

We’re fluent in the language of return. If we invest, we want it to work and that’s exactly what you get with F+B Engine. Returns start accumulating as soon as you start. You may feel like there is a lot of work to do, but we’ve automated this for you. Once your vendors have supplied your product lists, all you need to do is approve and you’re away. Ordering, deliveries, invoicing, credits, a seamless and straightforward milestone to get you off to a good start. Don’t forget… negotiate on your vendor pricing! You may get some good deals on day one…


No matter your size or your aspiration, we’re sure to suit

Start with the essentials and work your way up. Our Essential Plan gives you everything you need to provide for your business. Call it Procure-2-Pay, call it Simple Ordering, we just call it as it is… Your day-to-day operation will never be the same again.

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"Kitchen CUT is efficient, fun and easy to use! It’s improved so many of our processes, given us back heaps of time and really helped us to tighten down on financial control by enabling so much transparency across the entire operation."


I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kitchen CUT to any operator of any size – its intuitive, gives the user control and gives great transparency on their business and costs.


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