API ready – we’re easy to do business with . . .


Supporting vendor trade; Worldwide

With management costs and trade friction ever more in the spot light, we have ensured we cover all of the bases that work for vendors of all levels, anywhere in the world. No matter your workflow, we can work to it. 3-ways to connect:

  • Through our EDI partners;
  • Direct connect XML over SFTP
  • Direct connect via our FREE Vendor Gateway

We share common goals in that we want our hospitality customers to experience great service for vendors, receiving great products at great prices, managed end to end in the most efficient manner possible.

Whether you wish your clients to order or processing invoices as well, we can certainly manage your needs as well as our mutual clients.

The perfect add-on for EPoS

Our EPoS partners run far and worldwide. Being independent and easy to do business with we partner with most of the popular global systems, but that doesn’t stop us from connecting with the new.

Our preference is always to build to the future so API is always a first. We have our own API which vendors can connect to, as a start.

As a back up we can offer FTP should the provider require us to which we typically utilise for older legacy systems.

Getting connected is quick and easy to do. If you’re a SaaS customer you can request an integration through the Vendor marketplace. If you can’t find your provider then ask them to get in touch through support and request a new integration and this can be scheduled as required.

Epos Integrations

Automating operations into finance

Our final endpoint in the purchasing cycle seamlessly processes data into accounts payable. Within a few clicks, all of your chosen validated and approved purchases will transfer between operations to finance.

Automate your approval processes within one seamless operations platform and send the finalised results direct to your ledgers.

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