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In a world where cost control is ever more important, the basics of cost management are important to understand but doing so in a digital platform helps students to operate in a real scenario.

Kitchen CUT supports both lecturers and students alike by having a cloud based digital system that they can access on any device, anywhere, anytime.

A valuable resource for students

+ FREE account per student per academic year

+ FREE to create recipes and full menu spec sheets as part of coursework

+ FREE to model dishes to achieve their target margins

+ FREE to create menu engineering reports to measure their performance

+ FREE to learn about the importance of managing allergens and nutrition

A one of a kind solution for lecturers

+ FREE system that is accessible to all levels of education

+ FREE menu builder to map courses and measure performance

+ FREE support of the Practical Cookery Curriculum

+ FREE analytics on profitability, course contribution as well as classification

Benefits that are above and beyond


Practical Cookery

F+B Engine: the only F+B solution to be featured worldwide


Accelerated learning

Encouraging creativity: let the software do the hard work for you


Shaping future success stories

Support that extends into industry with just a few clicks


Affordable and Accessible

New careers can take off instantly with our ready-made solutions

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