Client care and satisfaction should be at the heart of any successful business. We want to know how we can help, how we can develop and evolve.

We value client feedback, it’s the best way to gauge how well the system is performing in the real world, in real businesses of all sizes, globally….

“The depth of inventory reporting in Kitchen CUT allows us to really drill down into the detail of stock movement, and identify areas of inefficiency to focus on.”

“The training delivered by Kitchen CUT was excellent: we achieved exactly what we needed to.”

“With Kitchen CUT everything is all in one place. The ability to use the system easily on a mobile or tablet when you’re out of the restaurant is brilliant.”

“With the constant updates that are coming out, the system is always on top of the game. The nutritional and allergen management is truly a gamechanger.”

“Kitchen CUT has changed the way we work for the better”

“With Kitchen CUT, our stock taking process is 3 times faster than before.”

“Having worked with other systems before, I’m happy to say that one of Kitchen CUT’s true differentiators is their commitment to their clients.

“The accounting element of the system is excellent, having all invoices and credits in one place makes it so easy to view “

“2-3% increase in our quietest month, representing £7200 across the group.”

“In just these first few months we’ve already seen a 1% increase in GP, which for us is approximately £4000.00″

“The implementation of Kitchen CUT into Topgolf has revolutionised the process of managing allergens within our F&B operation.

“Our key reference for the profitability of dishes.”

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