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With large scale operations the performance landscape is a completely different territory. The smallest improvements amount to some of the largest profitable gains. This is why F+B Engine is a scalable, modular SaaS solution. Implementation means change which can take time, but add in to the mix accessibility, usability along with convenience and you have the strongest operating tool for all levels of business, even language. Software can only be a true solution if it is engaged with and this is a key pillar of F+B Engine.

F+B Engine operates across a number of large scale operating verticals, with the ability to integrate with other complimentary Enterprise systems, delivering a best-in-class, scalable solution that delivers clear returns and time to value. Bring performance to the forefront of your brand; protect, accelerate, profit… the key pillars for any organisation.

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Getting started

The larger the organisation the more effort it takes to introduce new ideas and get traction, but we all have to start somewhere. We have a solution for all > start small and grow as required.


Whether you’re a national group in the UK, overseas, or both, F+B Engine can support you and your organisation across regions, units, currencies and languages. One world in one place.


F+B Engine is completely modular which gives you the power to adopt in parallel to other systems already in place. We aim to seamlessly deliver the very best in class integrated solutions.


F+B Engine makes this easy on any business. With no added infrastructure costs, IT experience or in-house technical team requirement, we ensure that all operations are running optimally in the cloud.


Whichever angle you look at F+B Engine, there is a value-add for large organisations. Behind the scenes or in-front, you can connect F+B Engine to Quality assurance, Customer care, brand protection and more . . .


The importance of data in today’s world is every growing to identify issues before they happen. F+B Engine holds the key to understanding your core operational events enabling you to take action before it’s too late.


Protect today, build for tomorrow

In any organisation, we constantly strive to achieve and deliver more and more; perfecting process, improving skill levels and working more smart… Push the limits of what is achievable with a solid platform as a foundation. Alignment of teams, operations, brand promise and customers is the true recipe for growth, success and ultimately performance.


Futures grow from solid foundations

Ultimate F+B gives you the tools and insights you need to power your organisations future. Whichever way you look at your business there is a need, a requirement as well as added value to implement F+B Engine. Cost reduction, allergen management, process alignment, performance management… the possibilities are truly endless; so without further delay request a demo or give us a call because the sooner you start to think about change, the sooner you and your business starts to benefit.

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“Kitchen CUT is a great system which makes everyday life within an operation easier . . . For our chefs, it brings them confidence in their dishes with regards to their GP and allergen management. We can now cost with complete accuracy. We have saved a substantial amount already, which in food cost terms alone; around 0.6% across the Collection."

Celtic Manor

The implementation of Kitchen CUT into Topgolf has revolutionised the process of managing allergens within our F&B operation. We are now able to make changes to our supply chain in real time which allows our venues & associates to have accurate and correct information as soon as we make changes. The associates are now able to clearly communicate these to our guests using the guest facing sections of Kitchen CUT with confidence the information they are giving is accurate.

Top Golf

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