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Allergen Training
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Allergen training for your team

With many staff furloughed throughout the hospitality industry, now is the perfect time to undertake some allergen training. Ahead of World Allergy Week, we spoke to Caroline Benjamin of Food Allergy Aware to get her advice on how businesses can make sure their teams return to the workplace more allergen savvy than when they left…….

Consumers Allergen Management
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Consumers call for better allergen management | Kitchen CUT

Recent headlines in the national press are doing a great job of raising awareness about allergens. There have been far too many tragedies in recent years, and the F&B industry is becoming more and more aware of the need to implement tighter controls over allergen management, across all products, all recipes and all menus. Just…

Takeaway Secrets - Allergen management
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Takeaway Secrets – a lack of allergen management exposed | Kitchen CUT

The shocking reality of the poor allergen management in the F&B industry was brought into sharp focus in the recent BBC Panorama programme. Programme highlights The Panorama programme focussed on the takeaway industry and the corners being cut in terms of allergen management and hygiene, leaving customers at risk of serious allergic reaction and possibly death. Undercover…

Allergen software
Allergen Software - Product News

Allergen software to help the F&B industry take allergens seriously | Kitchen CUT

At Kitchen CUT we speak to many chefs, owners and managers in the catering and hospitality industry every week and are often appalled at the slapdash approach that so many take to managing allergens. Here, John Wood discusses the importance of allergen tracking using allergen software and why businesses need to take action, now! With more…

Managing allergens in care homes
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Managing Allergens in Care Homes | Kitchen CUT

Care homes have the same responsibility as hotels and restaurants to supply allergen information to their residents.  Here, Michelin Starred chef , John Wood, explains the best way to go about making sure the information you provide is comprehensive and accurate… It’s over 2 years since the EU FIC legislation made it a requirement for…

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