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Allergen Training
Allergen Software - Training & Development

Allergen training for your team

Many hospitality businesses are currently on hold, closed until lockdown ends, with staff furloughed and with time on their hands. Whilst your furloughed staff can’t be working in this period, they can be improving their knowledge and undertaking allergen training. In fact, the business as a whole could be brushing up on its management of…

Inspire & Motivate your F&B Team
Training & Development

10 Ways to Inspire and Motivate Your F&B Team | Kitchen CUT

So, you’ve recruited a great F&B team. You’ve spared no expense on the time and resources to select, interview and employ the very best applicants for the role.  After all, good people are what makes a good business. Yet more and more we are seeing that it’s not just choosing the right people that is…

Menu Writing

Menu Writing Lesson 6 : Menu USP

Having a Unique Selling Point and making sure you communicate this is key to standing out. Get this right and customers will return to you time and time again as no one will be able to replicate this like you. Kitchen CUT Co-Founder John Wood takes a look at how you identify your USP and…

Menu Writing

Menu Writing Lesson 5 : Menu Training

It is extremely important to ensure that a menu is introduced into any business correctly. It does not matter if you run a pub or a Michelin starred restaurant, well-informed and trained service staff make the customer experience far more enjoyable. Here, John Wood outlines some simple steps to consider when introducing a new menu…

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