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Using Kitchen CUT: A guide for YCO2019 competitors, mentors & lecturers

Welcome to Kitchen CUT    Built on the foundations of internationally renowned Michelin starred chef, John Wood, Kitchen CUT helps to transform every element of an F&B operation allowing control wherever you are, with access from any device. The cloud based, intuitive system includes features such as Supplier Management, Allergen Tracking, Nutritional Analysis, Recipe Costing & Menu Planning,…

Front of House Training by Kitchen CUT - Global Recipe Costing Software -
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Front of House training

Many restaurants still have a clear divide between the kitchen and the front of house, which is often referred to as ‘them’ and ‘us’. However, more modern thinking chefs are now realising that this is not the way to operate and a more collaborative approach is far more beneficial for the business, not to mention…


Solution to food cost issues

A solution to food cost issues is only one click away If you are having trouble with your food margins, and struggling to control your costs, the first thing to do is recognise something isn’t right and do something about it! Unfortunately, this is quite common in many operations and what you decide to do…


Kitchen team management skills #2

Important: kitchen team management and dealing with those that are difficult to control Having weaker, less willing people working in your business can be very damaging and can result in bad morale. I would suggest sitting down and appraising each team member with the help of your sous chef – discussing and recording what each…

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