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Pub Survival
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Pub survival: guide to running a contactless service

With pub doors about to reopen across the UK, what steps can you take now to ensure a smooth, seamless and contactless service for your customers? Recent research has shown that a staggering 93% of Brits are keen to return to their local pub or bar when lockdown has lifted and 35% Intend to visit within a…

Free Consultancy Session with John Wood

Here to help: free consultancy sessions with John Wood.

There are a number of key factors that every business should be thinking about before reopening. We know that each business is different, with individual strengths and particular challenges. We want to help in any way we can. To that end, we’ve supported existing clients and we’ve created a new platform for businesses to use…

Restaurant Menu Ideas
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Which restaurant menu ideas make the most profit?

Researching restaurant menu ideas is exciting. You can unleash your imagination and creativity.  Whether creating recipes for your food truck, hotel, cafe or casual dining restaurant – it’s a fun process, but you also want to ensure the dishes will make you money. Whatever the type of cuisine you serve or the size of the…

Front of House Training by Kitchen CUT - Global Recipe Costing Software -
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Front of House training

Many restaurants still have a clear divide between the kitchen and the front of house, which is often referred to as ‘them’ and ‘us’. However, more modern thinking chefs are now realising that this is not the way to operate and a more collaborative approach is far more beneficial for the business, not to mention…


Solution to food cost issues

A solution to food cost issues is only one click away If you are having trouble with your food margins, and struggling to control your costs, the first thing to do is recognise something isn’t right and do something about it! Unfortunately, this is quite common in many operations and what you decide to do…


Kitchen team management skills #2

Important: kitchen team management and dealing with those that are difficult to control Having weaker, less willing people working in your business can be very damaging and can result in bad morale. I would suggest sitting down and appraising each team member with the help of your sous chef – discussing and recording what each…

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