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How to be a manager as Head Chef (not just one of the team)

In kitchens, the same process happens no matter whether it is a large multi-outlet hotel or an individual restaurant. Chefs will work their way up through the ranks to take their first Head Chef position. What many chefs do not realise is that once you step into that Number One position, you have to have all…

Kitchen Operations - Training & Development

Maximising productivity in the kitchen

https://www.kitchencut.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Maximising-productivity-from-joinkitchencut.jpg With most kitchens running a payroll % against food turnover of between 18-25%, labour is large part of your costs. As a Chef/manager this is an area you need to keep a tight control of. It is quite common in many kitchens that this can fluctuate from month to month and can very quickly…

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