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Inspire & Motivate your F&B Team
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10 Ways to Inspire and Motivate Your F&B Team | Kitchen CUT

So, you’ve recruited a great F&B team. You’ve spared no expense on the time and resources to select, interview and employ the very best applicants for the role.  After all, good people are what makes a good business. Yet more and more we are seeing that it’s not just choosing the right people that is…

Kitchen Operations

Kitchen team management skills – Recognition & Reward

To reward and recognise your kitchen team is both very powerful and inspirational. You cannot underestimate how much this motivates individuals and drives them on to be even better. John Wood shares some of his top tips for keeping teams motivated through rewards and recognition.

Training & Development

Communication – the key to every successful business

A skilled business manager/chef must be able to manage his/her teams as well as delegate, spearhead new ideas and assess business successes and failures, whilst managing the figures and controlling costs. However, to be able to do any of this successfully, a chef/manager must be able to communicate. In this article, John Wood looks at…

Kitchen Finance

Tracking breakages in your kitchen

https://www.kitchencut.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Breakages-tracking-tool-from-joinkitchencut.com_.jpg In this article we are going to look at breakages in kitchens, covering crockery and glassware but also the importance of stock taking to manage cutlery and the infamous ‘tea-spoon epidemic’ that we have in this industry!

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Webinar dates with Kitchen CUT

https://www.kitchencut.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/webinar.jpg Kitchen CUT has always delivered webinars to help members get the most out of the system. For 2015 we’re launching a range of webinars to help you get the most out of Kitchen CUT, as well as some general consultancy webinars to help you improve and be aware of various aspects of managing your…

Kitchen Finance

How to calculate food cost for a recipe | KitchenCUT.com

Recipe Costing: One of the questions that many chefs ask is: “How do I calculate food cost?”  Many involved in restaurant management will often shy away from getting involved with this area of the business as they have never been taught how to cost a menu or even how to calculate a Gross Profit (GP). However…

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