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Takeaway Secrets - Allergen management
Allergen Software - Product News

Takeaway Secrets – a lack of allergen management exposed | Kitchen CUT

The shocking reality of the poor allergen management in the F&B industry was brought into sharp focus in the recent BBC Panorama programme. Programme highlights The Panorama programme focussed on the takeaway industry and the corners being cut in terms of allergen management and hygiene, leaving customers at risk of serious allergic reaction and possibly death. Undercover…

Restaurant Management Software - Food Allergies
Product News

Restaurant Management Software tackles Food Allergy Fear | Kitchen CUT

Technology takes the food allergy fear out of designing dishes Food allergies have been a concern to the hospitality industry for some time, and some tragic recent cases have raised it to the top of the agenda for diners too.  Ingredient labelling is being tightened up, and now bars, restaurants and food outlets across the…

Allergen software
Allergen Software - Product News

Allergen software to help the F&B industry take allergens seriously | Kitchen CUT

At Kitchen CUT we speak to many chefs, owners and managers in the catering and hospitality industry every week and are often appalled at the slapdash approach that so many take to managing allergens. Here, John Wood discusses the importance of allergen tracking using allergen software and why businesses need to take action, now! With more…

iZettle Coffee Meet Up
Events - Product News

Join John Wood at the iZettle Coffee Meetup in Birmingham | Kitchen CUT

‘How to create the perfect menu and give your business bite.’ This Thursday, 1st November our very own John Wood, Michelin star chef and founder of Kitchen CUT will be talking at the iZettle Coffee Meetup in Birmingham about how to create a great menu, prevent waste and the value of understanding nutrition. John’s talk…

Kitchen CUT in Spanish
Product News

Kitchen CUT now available in Spanish! | Kitchen CUT

As part of our ongoing commitment to development and to support our global users in over 55 countries worldwide, we are pleased to announce that the system is now fully operational in Spanish.  Part of an ambitious development plan for 2018-19, the Spanish version of the system is the second language to be released (following…

Kitchen CUT Gateway
Product News

Introducing the new Kitchen CUT Gateway | Kitchen CUT

It’s not often that a piece of technology is launched that supports vendors and customers alike, that is free to use, accurate, efficient and completely intuitive.  However our new Kitchen CUT Gateway is all of that, and more. The brand new Gateway is an innovative global trading platform, built specifically for hospitality vendors.  It’s fast,…

System Support Centre
Product News

Introducing the new Kitchen CUT System Support Centre | Kitchen CUT

We have been doing lots of work on streamlining our technical support offering to our valued customers and we are pleased to announce that we now have a brand new System Support Centre which will be your central point to raise all technical support issues with us, which will be going live on Thursday 30th…

Restaurant Finance - Control growth, track spend, avoid disaster
Product News

Restaurant Finance: Control growth, track spend, avoid disaster | Kitchen CUT

With news today of distress in restaurant finance increasing by 143% in the last six months alone, it has never been more important to keep a tight rein on your F&B business.  Controlling growth and tracking spend are key factors in keeping your business on a steady route to success.  Here, John Wood talks about…

New Release Navigation Dashboard
Product News

Latest Release Update – July 2018 | Kitchen CUT

The latest Kitchen CUT system update is due for release on Tuesday 3rd July with a host of improvements, tweaks and new features and most noticeably a change to the navigation of the system. Here’s our guide to the changes you need to know about….. Interactive support tool In order to make the changes as simple to…

Restaurant Floor Plan
Product News

How to Create a Restaurant Floor Plan | Kitchen CUT

Are you putting together your restaurant floor plan, but not sure what to do? It needs to be not only appealing, but efficient. Here’s how to do it. Your restaurant’s success, whether brand new or undergoing changes, is determined by more than just your menu. Restaurant owners need to create an inviting space for customers…

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