Webinar dates with Kitchen CUT


Kitchen CUT has always delivered webinars to help members get the most out of the system. For 2015 we’re launching a range of webinars to help you get the most out of Kitchen CUT, as well as some general consultancy webinars to help you improve and be aware of various aspects of managing your operation.

Kitchen CUT System webinars

So far we’ve got the following system webinars scheduled:

  • How to add ingredients
  • How to manage price updates
  • How to write and cost recipes
  • How to cost your menus
  • How to manage your dishes and allergens
  • How to manage your stock and create stock take reports
  • How to create menu engineering reports

Remember, we’re adding more dates and topics all the time, so check back regularly for updates.

Kitchen CUT Consultancy Webinars

So far these consultancy topics are scheduled, but we are releasing many more topics and dates in 2015 so keep an eye on this page!

  • How to manage your food cost
  • How to improve consistency
  • How to reduce wastage in your kitchen
  • How to cater for customers with allergies

Remember: All of our webinars are FREE so click here to register now!

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