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Food waste costs the UK Hospitality and Food Service sector an estimated £2.5 billion. This means that you could be losing £20,280/ $33,150 a WEEK through Food Waste… In order to recoup that loss you would need to take £68,000/$115, 000 more in revenue after tax! So how can you reduce wastage and increase your profits?

Is food waste a profit killer in your business?

Food waste is any food that is discarded from your business; food that is thrown in to the bin, destined for landfill, potentially damaging the environment and almost certainly damaging your bottom line. So being aware of the volume and the value of waste you generate will help you to set some clear targets on how to reduce food waste in your business – and save you money. Avoidable waste is classified as food intended for human consumption but wasted through spoilage, preparation or plate waste. There are inevitably some types of food waste that are unavoidable, for example, bones, egg shells and vegetable peelings.

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Can your business afford to ignore food waste?

Download our FREE and indispensable 12-page guide to Food Waste with some top tips for what you can do to get on top of this issue in your business.

John Wood brings a unique mix of operational insights as an award-winning chef, but is also an accomplished F&B director at multi-site properties, fully understanding the importance of cost controls across all areas of the business.

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Kitchen CUT has just released a wastage tracking tool which can help you monitor and analyse the waste in your kitchen to help you identify where you could be losing money.

There is no time to lose.
Food Wastage and your Business

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