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Kitchen Finance

Losing control of costs is a kitchen’s biggest killer

Kitchen CUT Co-Founder John Wood recently wrote an article for Foodservice Equipment Journal about how controlling costs is critical for a successful and profitable kitchen. It just takes diligence and a willingness to respond to factual analysis. [gdlr_row] [gdlr_column size=”1/2″] John’s take on controlling costs John Wood talks about the way kitchens are run and…

Kitchen Operations

Controlling food waste in your business | Kitchen CUT

Food waste costs the UK Hospitality and Food Service sector an estimated £2.5 billion. This means that you could be losing £20,280/ $33,150 a WEEK through Food Waste… In order to recoup that loss you would need to take £68,000/$115, 000 more in revenue after tax! So how can you reduce wastage and increase your profits?…

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