Getting Started #1 – Setting up your profile

  • 01 Mar 2015

    If you’ve signed up for a Basic F&B free preview, it’s worth taking note of a few tips and tricks to get up and running quickly and easily.

    Reset system:

    The first decision to make is whether you want to preview the system using the pre-loaded ingredients and recipes. These are all editable so you can get a feel for editing live data. The key is not to import anything if you wish to do this. However, if you wish to ‘reset system’ then you can do so by clicking on ‘System > Reset System’. This will then remove all ingredients, dishes and reports so you will start with a clean system.

    It is recommended that you only start to import your own data once the system has been reset.

    Account setup:

    The next place to focus on is your personal profile.

    This can be accessed by clicking on your name in the top left hand corner. Simply update and edit the information below –

    • Country of origin
    • Layout view – this controls the level of detail you see in your account
    • Company name
    • Fiscal year – required for reporting
    • Time Zone – required for reporting
    • Date format – required for ordering
    • Currency
    • Food Cost
    • Wastage
    • Critical control
    • Import logo

    Once all options have been updated, don’t forget to upload a photo of yourself as well!

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