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  • 22 Jul 2016

    Technology in food and beverage: Executive chefs playing catch up.

    Kitchen CUT Founder John Wood looks at how technology needs to play a more active role in kitchens

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    Kitchen CUT Founder John Wood wrote an article for eHotlier news, looking at how technology has been a disruptive factor for many front of house systems, which have completely changed our approach to dining.  Customers are dictating how, when, what and where they want to eat and are now also in control of how they order and how they pay for it.

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    However it seems that back of house, the changing technological landscape hasn’t been adopted as quickly, despite the increase in our reliance in technology in our personal lives.

    While technology continues to change the way we do everything in both a personal and a professional capacity, with people looking to find faster and easier ways to do everything, John Wood explores how the hospitality industry (particular those operating in the kitchen) needs to embrace technology to help them be great chefs and do what they do best.

    You can read the full eHotelier news article HERE.

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    Kitchen CUT in eHotelier News





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