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Kitchen CUT proudly presents…
F+B Engine

F+B Engine is a scalable restaurant software that CUTs through the challenging landscape of modern-day restaurant management. Our plans and services focus in on critical management issues, offering accessibility and transparency to operations across the globe.

F+B Engine sits at the heart of any hospitality enterprise, managing and operating the most important arena; the ‘engine room’. Simple ordering, lightning fast inventory management, are the crucial activities that connect business performance to customer experience, both effecting overall profitability, so it is imperative that the ‘engine room’ is measured, managed and monitored to ensure a long-lasting, sustained, performance.

What is F+B Engine?

F+B Engine is an all-inclusive system of integrated business applications for the hospitality industry.

Built specifically for the hospitality sector, our solutions manage business critical processes, track and trace operational events, monitor all transactions and alert you when you need to know most. F+B Engine ensures you are always at the top of your game, helping you to deliver a sustained high performance that is underpinned by insight and actionable data.

F+B Engine operates 24/7 in the background of your business. Accessible anywhere, from any device, it is there to support, engage, educate and transform the way your teams operate every day.

Implementing F+B Engine unlocks insight and intelligence within the very first month of operation, prompting change and improvement. Protect today and improve tomorrow.


Why F+B Engine

F+B Engine drives your business forwards. Cutting through complexity, F&B Engine streamlines performance, helping to accelerate profits, giving you options and flexibility from more cash… From cost monitoring, modelling and return maximisation, F&B Engine drives all the right points in your business to ensure you have an insightful foundation to build from.



Our framework is modular and scalable

We offer everything you would expect along with a whole lot more! We’ve placed usability at the heart of all of our products making them intuitive, easy to use and completely access driven. Our modules are listed below:-

  • Vendor Gateway
  • Procure 2 Pay
  • Menu Costing
  • Nutritional Analysis
  • Allergen Tracking
  • Inventory Control
  • Sales analysis
  • Team messaging
  • Messageboard
  • GP insights
our framework ill


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    This is a fantastic tool and is geared directly at hard working chefs who take a hands on approach to kitchen management.

    Tom Kerridge
    Hand & Flowers

    I use Kitchen CUT every day to control the costs in our business – it makes everything clearer. You can see instantly where you’re going wrong and can see which dishes are a win-win – literally as you’re typing them in. I’d say in terms of how much easier it’s made my life – it’s 8 out of 10. And there are still features I’ve yet to use!

    Mike Wilkinson
    Executive Chef, Hilton Newcastle

    Kitchen CUT allows you to keep focus on the very foundation that supports the culinary art, the financials, trends and offers essential business tools to grow a strong brand.

    John Campbell
    Michelin Star Executive Chef