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“With Kitchen CUT everything is all in one place. The ability to use the system easily on a mobile or tablet when you’re out of the restaurant is brilliant.””

“We have used other F&B systems before, but decided to make the move to Kitchen CUT because of just how easy it is to use. Myself and the team use it every single day, from the chefs, to the general managers and sommeliers. We can all carry out the tasks we need to without getting stuck or lost within the system. You’re not having to go across multiple web-pages to carry out an order or a stock take, which is generally what tends to be the case with the other platforms we’ve had previously. With Kitchen CUT everything is all in one place.

The ability to use the system easily on a mobile or tablet when you’re out of the restaurant is brilliant. If I’m travelling home at the end of the day and realise that I’ve forgotten to place an order I can quickly log onto the site on my mobile phone and place the order directly through there. Everything is extremely straight forward and organised.

Using the recipe costing and management module allows us to closely assess how things lie across the operation when it comes to costs and the margins we are making. We can quickly view a report which gives you visibility across all our item categories, whether that’s for food or beverage, and we can easily see which dishes or drinks are contributing to a healthy GP and which may need their costs amending.  This was particularly helpful across February and April of this year as we experienced price increases on some of the products we use. Kitchen CUT updated these prices immediately so that all our recipes incorporated the changes which in turn enabled us to quickly make any adjustments to ingredients or selling prices where GP’s had dropped as a result. Our chefs also have much more trust when placing their orders as they can be confident that prices are accurate, so the entire process has become much quicker.

An area of the system which has saved us a massive amount of time is the stock taking. Our beverage teams can now have their stock takes done by the end of the day, whereas before just counting the spirits and wine alone would take anything from 12 to 15 hours! Now they can create area templates for each of the bars and we have a different person going to each of them to count stock and then I just consolidate them. The entire process now takes no longer than 5 – 7 hours.

Kitchen CUT has definitely improved the reporting side of things for us. Having the ability to download any of the reports makes a huge difference to our operational teams. Having to look at a PDF isn’t something that would work well for us, as we want to be able to tidy up what we’re seeing and move data around when it comes to sales depending on what we want to be analysing. 

I process the invoices for the business and I think this area of the system is excellent. I really like being able to see everything in one place and on Kitchen CUT you have clear visibility on who we’re paying, how much and when.

My favourite feature of the Kitchen CUT system is the product setup. Setting up products is so easy and quick. Being able to set up multiple products from one supplier using the ‘import’ function saves me so much time and hassle. And if we ever want to change a supplier you can just use the ‘find and replace’ function, select the old supplier, ask for the price file from the new supplier and then just upload it without having to sit and process each individual item or spend hours on the phone, it’s great!” 

We are just over a year into using Kitchen CUT and I can honestly say that it’s very modern, which is a huge difference to some of the other systems out there. It’s also very intuitive and stress-free to use. The support we have been given throughout the entire process has been excellent. When we realised that we were at a really critical point of needing to get on with using the system, the KC team really pulled out all the stops to ensure that everything was up and running in super quick time which made such a difference to us. Overall, I would definitely recommend Kitchen CUT to any restaurateurs looking to bring this kind of system into their operation.”  

Purchasing Manager, Home House

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