Using QR codes – how your customers can order safely from their table.

Getting back to business is now a focus for the hospitality industry. From the moment your doors reopen, it’s imperative that your operation runs more smoothly, safely and efficiently than ever before. Customers will need reassurance that their safety is as important to you as their satisfaction.

In Europe, with safety and efficiency at the top of their agenda, many businesses that have already reopened are using QR codes to give customers contact free access to menus. What are QR codes? How do they work and how can they help your business?

What are QR codes

To the naked eye, a QR code (short for Quick Response code) is a white square with a black pattern on it. It means nothing. However, a QR Code serves as a link. It works in a similar way to a barcode and can be read using smartphones. The devices that can read a QR code connect directly to texts, emails, websites, phone numbers and digital menus.

Using QR codes – the customer experience

In order to make their dining experience as safe as possible, for both staff and customers, reducing contact is paramount. Customers can book tables online, be shown to their table, or even check-in online. Then, rather than picking up a menu that will have been touched by many other people, they will have a card on their table showing a QR Code. In order to access the menu, all they need to do is open their smartphone camera and point it at the QR code. No need for apps, links or anything complicated.

Once the menu appears on their phone, they can make their food selections, by adding to their basket in much the way as they would with any online transaction. Once the order is complete, they can proceed to payment and wait for their food. It’s as simple as that!

How to create QR codes

It all sounds very technical, but it isn’t! Creating your digital menu on a platform like F+B To Go is simple. Add your menu items, prices, images (optional), and connect to Stripe for payment processing.

Once your menu is created, there’s a dropdown box that allows you to embed the menu in your website, or create a link to use on social media etc, or you can view a QR code. This will be automatically generated, producing an image that can be used on any branded, customer facing comms. Your menu’s QR code is ready to be scanned by your customers for immediate access to your menu items and ordering facility.

Create QR Code

What are the benefits of using QR codes and Digital Menus

  1. Speed. With increased social distancing, fewer tables means that you’ll need a faster turnaround time. Customers can view menus and place their orders without having to wait for a member of staff to be available.
  2. No app required. No special coding or technology involved. All your customers need is a smart phone.
  3. No cost. Digital menus are free to create and there are none of the expensive printing costs associated with traditional menus.
  4. Immediate updates.  Unlike printed menus, any changes you need to make will be immediately and automatically updated. This means that the customer will always see exactly what is available.
  5. Reduced resource required. Instead of taking orders, staff can be redistributed to other areas of the business. For example, if customers aren’t allowed to come to the bar, your team will need to deliver drinks to them. Removing the requirement to take orders as well as deliver them will free up valuable time and resource.
  6. Staff and customer safety and confidence – Using QR codes provides a much safer environment. There’s no risk of germs passing via menus. Contact with front of house staff is reduced. Also, a more efficient process means less time spent at the venue around other people.
  7. Customer reassurance. The knowledge that you have these processes in place is reassuring for both staff and customers that their safety is your priority.

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