Supercharge your F&B operation

Drive your profit line,
whilst retaining quality and consistency, delivering a higher performing operation

We focus on the little things, so you don’t have to.

Don’t worry though, we’ll let you know when change needs to happen.

Alerts & notifications keep you one step ahead of the curve.

Stay on top of your SUPPLIER MANAGEMENT and store them all in one place.

Manage approved suppliers, monitor price changes, update in seconds. Our optimised data management ensures that you have more accurate information at your fingertips.

Kitchen CUT refocuses the entire F&B operation,
allowing teams to spend more time in operation on:

Creativity and Innovation
Customer engagement
Training & Development
Man Management

Fast and accurate

Create dishes in minutes, with complete accuracy and profitability. Lead with CREATIVITY and we’ll do the rest.

Supplier to service

Make managing your entire allergen tracking process more accurate, and more effective at the touch of a button.

Complete dish

Keep front of house teams happy and customers even happier. Give them all the information they need upfront, helping them to make better informed choices.

Take STOCK, manage
inventories and see
live to-date stock holding

Track and monitor stock in real-time across your entire portfolio, giving you complete transparency and control. Quick and easy transfers move stock instantly reducing over-ordering and excess holding. Line-by-line stock comparisons between actual and theoretical give you the insights you need to make decisions quickly.

Weighing how much
WASTE you have is only
part of the problem,
knowing the REASONS
is the solution.

600,000 tonnes of food
waste is reported every year,
with a third being what
comes back from diners.

Monitor beyond the weight of waste. Track, measure and spot trends analysing the source as well as the reasons for waste. Our waste tracker is the perfect CSR tool, reducing overall spend and improving GP.

Unite teams, share and engage with
your own team MESSAGE BOARD.

Centralise your Kitchen Communications and improve training, knowledge sharing and inspiration.

Integrate your favourite apps, giving useful insights to teams. Social media, customer ratings, photo galleries and weather channels are just the beginning.

Keep track of sales and profit with our

Un-rivalled live-time insights that enables you to monitor, evaluate, and improve your business’s performance. View entire estates, or focus on individual outlets, the control is in your hands.

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