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Front of House training

Many restaurants still have a clear divide between the kitchen and the front of house, which is often referred to as ‘them’ and ‘us’. However, more modern thinking chefs are...
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Food Photography

In this article, Kitchen CUT Co-founder John Wood looks at the importance of operational photography for delivering a consistent dish, and why it’s critical for your business.

Kitchen CUT Group Network

In today’s busy and crowded digital world, data travels around the world at lightning speeds which is why we questioned ‘Why can’t F&B operations take advantage of this wherever...
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Staff retention

Currently there is a huge shortage of chefs on the job market and it’s not likely to get any better in the near future. Staff retention is a challenge...
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Who is John Wood?

After spending several years running kitchens and an international consultancy business, Kitchen CUT founder John Wood identified that the financial and man-management skills required to run a successful hospitality...
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New menu ideas

Chefs often get caught between a rock and a hard place with managers requesting new dishes for menus, but time being tight. Inspiring your team to help develop new menu...
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Marketing a new restaurant

Public relations expert Louise Lloyd has some pointers for getting a new restaurant talked about in the local media… The local press can be hugely effective for generating interest in...
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Neil Haydock comments,

We have been using Kitchen cut since July 2014 here at Watergate.

The process has been broken down into senior chef training while our F&B controller inputted all of our ingredients, followed by installation of tablets in all of our kitchens, and general kitchen training.

As our seasonal menus have change all of the new recipes have been added, this has taken time but now the systems are in place it has become second nature to put new dishes into Kitchen Cut and have instant selling prices and GP’s something that could have taken days in the past.

The chefs are now in charge of recipe costings and more aware of the financial implications as I’m all too aware as they are constantly coming to me with do you know how much this dish costs and do you know how much we have to sell this for to achieve margin which is music to my ears.

Kitchen Cut is not just helping to streamline our purchasing or speed up our recipe costing process or give accurate to the minute information it is creating more rounded business savvy chefs of the future.

With the continual free updates that responds to industry feedback and legislation, cloud based Kitchen Cut is a food costing tool that will never go out of date.

Kitchen cut has been my best purchase of 2014 and would recommend it to anyone from the smallest of independent restaurants to the largest of multi-nationals.

Menu Planning

Menu planning isn’t just something that should happen once a year. Not only is it important for your customers, as it keeps your menus interesting and different using seasonal produce,...
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