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Managing allergens in care homes
Nutrition Analysis Software

Managing Allergens in Care Homes | Kitchen CUT

Care homes have the same responsibility as hotels and restaurants to supply allergen information to their residents.  Here, Michelin Starred chef , John Wood, explains the best way to go about making sure the information you provide is comprehensive and accurate… It’s over 2 years since the EU FIC legislation made it a requirement for…

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Nutritional analysis of recipes

https://www.kitchencut.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Nutritional-Analysis-on-recipes-from-joinkitchencut.com_.jpg One of the latest features to be added to Kitchen CUT is the ability to generate nutritional analysis on recipes. It has never been easier and more cost effective for businesses to generate nutritional data for their dishes in their Kitchen CUT account. But why do it? What are the benefits to you for…

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