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Vegetarian and Vegan Menus
Menu Writing

Control and capitalise on your vegetarian and vegan menus | Kitchen CUT

Whilst the vegan, vegetarian and meat-free market has traditionally been overlooked by many within the hospitality industry (often adding one or two token dishes to their vast menus) the fact is that this market is becoming big business.  Kitchen CUT’s Michelin starred chef, John Wood, talks about the increase in demand for vegan and vegetarian…

Calories on Menus
Nutrition Analysis Software

Calories on menus – your questions answered | Kitchen CUT

In a bid to reduce childhood obesity, the UK government recently announced that it is considering compulsory calorie labelling on menus in restaurants, cafés and takeaways.  Whilst this is a positive step in promoting a healthy lifestyle and better education about what the food we eat contains, for the F&B industry this change could herald a…

Managing allergens in care homes
Nutrition Analysis Software

Managing Allergens in Care Homes | Kitchen CUT

Care homes have the same responsibility as hotels and restaurants to supply allergen information to their residents.  Here, Michelin Starred chef , John Wood, explains the best way to go about making sure the information you provide is comprehensive and accurate… It’s over 2 years since the EU FIC legislation made it a requirement for…

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