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Which restaurant menu ideas make the most profit?

Researching restaurant menu ideas is exciting. You can unleash your imagination and creativity.  Whether creating recipes for your food truck, hotel, cafe or casual dining restaurant – it’s a fun process, but you also want to ensure the dishes will make you money. Whatever the type of cuisine you serve or the size of the…

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Menu Engineering: What is it and why do I need it?

The term Menu Engineering is far more than just a buzzword for the F&B industry.  In terms of profitability, Menu Engineering could make the difference between your business becoming one that fails or one that grows from strength to strength.  In order to understand the basics of Menu Engineering, it’s important to understand exactly what it is,…

Menu Engineering
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Menu Engineering to create new menus | KitchenCUT

The aim of menu engineering is a simple one, increasing profitability per guest. To do this, it’s vital to understand exactly what menu engineering is and how it can help you with your menu creation.  Here, John Wood explains just how menu engineering can help you to create successful menus… What is menu engineering? People often…

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How to calculate food cost for a recipe | KitchenCUT.com

[gdlr_row] [gdlr_column size=”1/2″] Recipe Costing: One of the questions that many chefs ask is: “How do I calculate food cost?”  Many involved in restaurant management will often shy away from getting involved with this area of the business as they have never been taught how to cost a menu or even how to calculate a Gross…

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