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Restaurant Inventory Management

The importance of stock control: why is stock taking (inventory) so important?

In this article, Kitchen CUT Co-Founder John Wood looks at why stock taking (or inventories as it is also referred to) is important and the impact it can have on your business. It needn’t be a time-consuming task…

Menu Writing

Menu Writing Lesson 8 : Understanding Customer Profiles

As a chef it is extremely important to know who your customers are and where they come from, also how often that changes either through the week, month or season. There are many complicated studies that look at variable demographics of customers down to what car they drive, the suits they wear, to how many…

Kitchen Operations

What can we do about the chef shortage?

You’ve probably seen the headlines in recent weeks and months about the global chef shortage… but is it really news? Kitchen CUT Co-Founder John Wood looks at what you can do to increase retention to avoid falling victim to depleting staff numbers.

Kitchen Operations

Digital Marketing for Restaurants – part 3

Continuing with our series on top tips for Digital Marketing for the hospitality industry we look at some more top tips on improving your online presence. [gdlr_row] [gdlr_column size=”1/2″] Menus – it’s all in the detail Having menus online is important – having menus that are easy to find on your website and are easy…

Kitchen Operations

Kitchen team management skills – Recognition & Reward

To reward and recognise your kitchen team is both very powerful and inspirational. You cannot underestimate how much this motivates individuals and drives them on to be even better. John Wood shares some of his top tips for keeping teams motivated through rewards and recognition.

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