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Allergen Management in Hospitality

Allergen Management in Hospitality – Interview with Caroline Benjamin

ALLERGEN MANAGEMENT IN HOSPITALITY Interview with:Kate Winthrop, Client Services Director at Kitchen CUTCaroline Benjamin, Director at Food Allergy Aware Scaremongering is left aside, instead Kate and Caroline focus on practical tips for all types and sizes of operators.Specifically covering: Where do the legal responsibilities of allergen management in hospitality lie? What should operators prioritise now?…

Consumers Allergen Management
Allergen Software

Consumers call for better allergen management | Kitchen CUT

Recent headlines in the national press are doing a great job of raising awareness about allergens. There have been far too many tragedies in recent years, and the F&B industry is becoming more and more aware of the need to implement tighter controls over allergen management, across all products, all recipes and all menus. Just…

Allergy Sufferers - Anaphylaxis Awareness
Allergen Software

Anaphylaxis awareness: safeguarding food allergy sufferers | Kitchen CUT

Consumers are increasingly conscious of the potential hazards of eating out, aware that operations that do not adhere to strict allergen management processes and alarmed this may cause an allergic reaction or even anaphylaxis, resulting in death.  We spoke to Grace Brocklehurst, the Information Manager at Anaphylaxis Campaign about raising anaphylaxis awareness amongst hospitality professionals, the risks of eating…

Sport and Leisure F&B Software
Allergen Software - Interviews

How can technology help F&B in Sport and Leisure venues? | Kitchen CUT

We asked Michelin Starred chef John Wood how technology can help manage F&B in sport and leisure venues, from recipe creation to allergen management and GP reporting…. It goes without saying that allergen tracking and management is a key focus of the entire F&B industry at the moment.  The Sport and Leisure sector is no…

Takeaway Secrets - Allergen management
Allergen Software - Product News

Takeaway Secrets – a lack of allergen management exposed | Kitchen CUT

The shocking reality of the poor allergen management in the F&B industry was brought into sharp focus in the recent BBC Panorama programme. Programme highlights The Panorama programme focussed on the takeaway industry and the corners being cut in terms of allergen management and hygiene, leaving customers at risk of serious allergic reaction and possibly death. Undercover…

Allergen software
Allergen Software - Product News

Allergen software to help the F&B industry take allergens seriously | Kitchen CUT

At Kitchen CUT we speak to many chefs, owners and managers in the catering and hospitality industry every week and are often appalled at the slapdash approach that so many take to managing allergens. Here, John Wood discusses the importance of allergen tracking using allergen software and why businesses need to take action, now! With more…

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