Supplier Pricing Partners – making life a little easier for everyone

  • 15 Aug 2016

    Getting started with Kitchen CUT is now even easier!

    Our latest initiative aims to make it easier for suppliers to give you the information you need to accurately cost your dishes with Kitchen CUT.

    Find out more about how you can do this and who we’re working with…

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    A new initiative

    Getting accurate food costs rely on having detailed and accurate ingredient pricing. We don’t underestimate the importance of this, which is why we have launched a Supplier Pricing Partnerships programme to work closely with suppliers to make this process a whole lot easier.

    We understand the time pressures on both sides of the table; members don’t have time to reformat pricing data and suppliers don’t have time to reformat pricing data for every customer… which is why we’re pickling up the pieces and investing our time in adding value all round. After all, it’s just good business…

    We have seen a huge number of formats and levels of ingredient detail over the years and now is the time to review and adjust – whilst simplifying too.

    We’ve already been in touch with key suppliers in the UK to establish a standardised way of working. Not only does this save time for our customers, but it will save time for suppliers also, which results in saving money for everyone.

    While we’ve launched this initiative within the UK market, we will be actively rolling this out in other countries too. If you would like your suppliers to join our programme, please do put them in touch. There are no fees for suppliers to pay and so it’s a BIG win-win for all involved.

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    What are the benefits?

    For suppliers:

    • Less work involved creating new templates, and keying in endless XLS spreadsheets – we don’t want to create more work for you!
    • Work with one format that is typically your own default pricing export – we’ll map our customer import to you
    • The quicker the customer is set up, the quicker that ordering can begin
    • Reduce the cost of selling with our automated ordering service
    • Exposure to our customer base – we will be featuring all suppliers to our database
    • NO FEES – just good old-fashioned, added-value customer service

    For our members:

    • Quick and easy price imports with our 2-click import – we don’t want to create more work for you either!
    • Greater accuracy and accessibility of pricing and allergens
    • Even easier to keep pricing up to date, meaning better accuracy, and bigger profits
    • Reduce the cost of buying with our automated ordering service
    • Save MORE money through more accurate, time saving ordering

    So don’t forget, check to see who our existing partners are by clicking HERE. If you don’t see your supplier then ask them to get in touch on  +44(0)330 113 0050 and we’ll do the rest.


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