Managing pricing data more accurately means managing operations more effectively

Getting started with Kitchen CUT is quick and easy to do.

When you take a trial you’ll notice that the system is already pre-populated with sample ingredient data. This allows you to get orientated with the system and use some of the basic controls.

Once you have decided that Kitchen CUT is for you, you’ll need to add in your own supplier ingredient pricing data. Unlike other systems we have utilised more rigorous rules with our data management to ensure there is greater accuracy within the system.

To speed things up, we already have a number of supplier partners who have worked with us to standardise the way in which data is provided, and can therefore be imported in just a few clicks. A handful are listed here, but do get in touch so we can advise if we work with your suppliers already. If not, put us in touch and we’ll do the rest.

You can of course manage this yourself – just download our ingredient XLS template, which can be sent out to your suppliers directly or managed internally. Simply fill in the columns and import . . .

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Working directly with suppliers is not the only way we support our customers.

We can also work with other system data as well. We have a number of easy-to-use 2 click imports which can quickly and easily process your data. Get in touch to see if we support your system – if not, no problem as we’ll happily create a new profile for you. Do get in touch to find out more.

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