Solution to food cost issues

A solution to food cost issues is only one click away

If you are having trouble with your food margins, and struggling to control your costs, the first thing to do is recognise something isn’t right and do something about it!

Unfortunately, this is quite common in many operations and what you decide to do next has the potential to be detrimental to the whole of your business.

Having tight control of your recipes, costings, pricing strategy and product quality is one of the key things to making your business financially successful. You need to ensure that you have detailed, costed recipes that are regularly updated with your own prices. This will allow calculating and selling your dishes at your budgeted margins.

Kitchen CUT will help you do this without all the hassle of going through the prices of every item you have (which on some menus can run into thousands of products). Cost all your dishes and see what the suggested selling price on our sheets is, then play with the prices to determine a good food cost percentage. Without this type of system you will continue to shoot in the dark.

Remember, not every dish needs to hit exactly on your budgeted margin: some will be better and some worse. Also, look at what the gross profit is in £s on this sheet, as it also calculates this for you.

Don’t punish your guests by buying cheaper products because you haven’t got tight control over your costings.

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