Restaurant management software that pays for itself

Managing your restaurant has never been easier . . .

─ control food costs in your business
─ have visibility of dish performance
─ manage beverage easily
─ track allergens in dishes
─ be more profitable!

Online Restaurant Management software as it should be

“Throughout my career, I’ve worked in many different types of restaurants, including gaining a Michelin Star and owning 11 of my own restaurants, so I understand what is needed to manage F&B in the fast-paced world of restaurants.

Creating an incredible customer experience, isn’t just about the food. Everything has to be delivered to a high standard and a consistent standard. Over the years I searched for restaurant manager software that would help to ease the administrative burden of controlling costs and maintaining good margins, while also trying to ensure we delivered an outstanding and consistent service every time.”

Restaurant POS from

A chef’s role isn’t just about creating fantastic culinary experiences.

Today’s chef needs to be able to cost dishes, comply with allergen legislation, manage stock, reduce waste, inspire teams, manage suppliers, create innovative menu ideas, report to management… and much more.

“I became increasingly frustrated with what was available on the market to help me do this part of my job. The software wasn’t intuitive for operators – it didn’t think like we, as chefs, did today,” explains John.

“That’s what lead me to create Kitchen CUT. I knew intuitively what would help me as a chef, and so I wanted to develop software for restaurant management that would really support kitchen operations by helping with the administrative tasks and automating a lot of the information.”

Kitchen CUT is a dynamic and agile chef application.

This allows kitchen teams more time to focus on delivering high levels of consistency through detailed recipe specs, pictorial guides and videos. It also helps with training Front of House teams about the dishes on the menus as they can understand more about each dish, how it’s plated and what goes well with each dish from the waiter’s notes. This again, adds to a better overall customer experience as everyone in the whole team can look up the details on any dish, at any time.

Kitchen CUT is a dynamic restaurant management app. It’s cloud-based so can be accessed from any device, any time, any where. It gives you instant operational control and complete transparency with what is happening in your business. It means you can make informed, operational decisions to help your business stay profitable.

Ground-breaking online restaurant management apps

Kitchen CUT is the leading restaurant management app

Kitchen CUT is the leading restaurant management app that seamlessly links back of house operations with suppliers as well as front of house EPoS systems.

Having a tool with everything in one place to help manage your restaurant business is the best investment any business can make.

This restaurant management software is like nothing else on the market – it’s incredibly intuitive and easy to use.

ohn Wood: My No.1 software for restaurant management

“This system has been built on my 35 years of insights, working in many different hospitality operations, including restaurants, hotels and catering companies. I have worked in my different roles within these businesses as a chef, F&B director and owner, so I understand the requirements from all parties and that’s what makes Kitchen CUT so unique.

Without a doubt, Kitchen CUT is the most user-friendly software for restaurant management available. No food & beverage team should be in operation without it.”

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