Why use recipe costing software?

Background to Kitchen CUT’s recipe costing software

Kitchen CUT was created by former Michelin Starred Chef John Wood, who has worked at leading restaurants all over the world including The Savoy, the Dorchester, Cliveden, Shangri-La Hong Kong, the Burj al Arab in Dubai and the Grove in Herts, to name just a few. After 35 years in the industry, including the US, Europe and the Middle East John became frustrated at recipe costing software often used in hotels which had been built by tech people who had little knowledge of how a kitchen worked on an operational level. He realised it could be done differently and could actually make a real difference to how the operation is managed. Recipe costing software should make the life of a chef and manager easier. In this short video John explains why recipe costing is a fundamental part of your business, and how using recipe costing software as part of that process can save you time and money and improve your business!

So why use recipe costing software?

In fact, why cost recipes at all? In a previous article we look at the importance of menu writing and recipe costingyou can read the full article here. Here’s a list of just some of the reasons for doing it:
  • Consistency of dishes
  • Front of house training tool
  • Achieve the right margins on dishes
  • To be compliant with allergen legislation
  • Track price increases of ingredients
As John explains in the video, some of the main reasons for using recipe costing software are:
  • To give you accurate, real time costings based on your supplier pricing
  • To create a standard format for writing and costing recipes in your business
  • To save you and your team time on administrative tasks
  • To give chefs more time to be in the kitchen and be creative
  • To train and develop your teams
  • … and much more!

Watch the full video now to find out why this is critical for your business. Then sign up for a free 30 day trial and see how Kitchen CUT can boost your business.

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