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Basic F&B

£9.99 p/m€9.99 p/m$9.99 p/m

Automate your recipe costing, menu planning, allergens and nutrition

  • 1 outlet : 200 dishes
  • Intuitive recipe costing
  • Menu planning
  • Accessible on any device
  • Easy product management
  • Allergen tracking
  • Nutritional analysis
  • Messageboard

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Work Smarter

Regular F&B

£69.99 p/m€69.99 p/m$69.99 p/m

Take control of costs and measure your operations performance.

  • 1 outlet : 350 dishes
  • Pricing history
  • Market lists
  • Automated order lists
  • Stock taking
  • Waste tracking
  • Breakages and loss
  • Menu engineering

Includes all features from Basic

Expand Efficiency

Premium F&B

£129.99 p/m€129.99 p/m$129.99 p/m

Complete management for your food and beverage operation

  • 3 outlets : 500 dishes
  • Automated ordering
  • Goods receiving
  • Buffet analysis
  • Digital menus
  • Sales reporting
  • Price change analysis
  • API access*

Includes all features from Regular

Accelerate Growth

Ultimate F&B

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A fully integrated food and beverage procure-to-pay software solution

  • Advanced analytics
  • Stock depletion
  • Supplier reporting
  • Transfer management
  • Invoice matching & credits
  • Variance and usage
  • Actual vs. Theoreticals
  • Live reporting

Includes all features from Premium

All prices are payable monthly in advance via PayPal or Direct Debit (if in the UK or Europe). VAT is applicable where appropriate. * API access is available on group managed accounts only. Pricing for group managed accounts are different to online pay as you go. Get in touch for more information.

Flexible and secure monthly payments

Direct Debit payments by GoCardlessAM_SbyPP_mc_vs_ms_ae_UK

Frequently asked questions:

Do I need to choose a plan now?

No you do not, you can choose at any point during or at the end of your trial.

Is the free trial fully functional?

The free trial is based on our Basic F&B recipe costing and menu planning package. It is pre-populated with example data so you can begin to orientate yourself with it’s easy to use interface.

Do I need a credit card to sign up for the trial?

No not at all. You will only need a credit card when you decide to sign up for a pay as you go account. Additional payments options for Ultimate customers.

What happens at the end of my trial?

You will be prompted to upgrade to a paid for account. The account will show as ‘inactive’. All data will remain intact and once paid for will be fully accessible again.

Do you provide a discount for yearly plans?

Yes, we offer 5% on Basic, Regular and Premium if you pay for an annual subscription.

Are the numbers of users limited in any of the packages?

No, all packages include unlimited users.

What constitutes a dish?

A dish now relates to main recipes only, meaning you have even more storage than ever before.

What is an Outlet?

An outlet is where you serve your customers. In Hotels for instance you may have a Bar, Restaurant as well as Room Service. Outlets allow you to organise your information and reports within a single property.

Can I upgrade my account?

Yes, you can any time when you are ready. You can also buy bolt-ons to extend your storage limits.

Do I need to install anything?

No, Kitchen CUT is cloud-based which can be accessed from any device and browser.

Do you have any volume discounts?

Yes we do offer discounts depending on the scale of operation. Get in touch to find out more.

What is Ultimate F&B?

This is our most advanced Procure to Pay network. 100% scalable for groups of any size that need to be connected.

Is the platform secure?

Security is an important fundamental that drives our business forwards. Google IaaS provides us with the same level of security that is used for their own applications giving complete peace of mind as we utilise their high performing, scaleable infrastructure.

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