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  • 04 Oct 2018

There are few chefs in the business with the international experience, world renowned accolades and operational know-how of our Co-Founder, John Wood.  John has a lot of advice to share, based on over 35 years of experience both as a chef and an industry consultant.  In a recent podcast with Marketscale, John provides his take on the developing use of technology within the industry. He talks about how businesses are beginning to adapt to the technology that is now available, particularly for back of house, and he identifies the ways in which ground breaking software makes operations easier for both customers and chefs alike.

The F&B industry has many challenges and changes on the horizon.  Impending legislation relating to the reporting of allergens and calories to customers, an increasing pressure to improve waste management and a climate where finding good staff has never been harder are just some of the factors which will shape the industry of tomorrow.  John discusses the future of the restaurant industry, and how new reforms will change how we look at dining experiences….

The Podcast
John Wood - Marketscale - Podcast

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