OOwee and Kitchen CUT

“The training delivered by Kitchen CUT was excellent: we achieved exactly what we needed to.”

“The training delivered by Kitchen CUT was excellent: we were dealt with in a completely professional manner and achieved exactly what we needed to. The training was delivered in a structured and organised manner which helped us to understand the system both at a modular level and holistically. Our trainer delivered training that was clear and easy to understand, whilst ensuring we felt comfortable to ask him any questions or for further clarity throughout the sessions. The sessions went at our own pace, and we never felt as though anything was rushed or disregarded; our trainer was very patient with us which was hugely appreciated as taking on new systems can sometimes feel a little daunting.

There was a real emphasis on making sure we were 100% happy with everything as our training progressed and if we ever needed further explanation on something, this was actioned without hesitation.  

Kitchen CUT took full control of the on-boarding process and supported us throughout. We definitely felt as though our needs as a company were listened to, understood and taken into full consideration from the start. We were given regular updates and Kitchen CUT ensured that all parties; Oowee, our suppliers and our Aloha, were kept on the same page which ensured a smooth and efficient roll out.”

Charlie Watson, Oowee, Business Owner.

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