Online Support

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System Support Centre

For any technical query, simply access the support portal and log a ticket. Once a ticket has been raised, it will go through to the Systems Support department to investigate your issue with a view to resolving it as soon as possible.

In addition to logging all of your tickets, the System Support Centre will also allow you to:

  • View all your submitted tickets,

  • See the progress status of your tickets,

  • Send and receive responses to the Systems Support Team,

  • Upload attachments (i.e. screenshots).

For Sales, Account Management, Account Queries, you will still go via your normal channels, but the System Support Centre will be your destination for issues regarding:

  • Troubleshooting

  • Integrations

  • Configuration/Settings

  • Suggesting a New Feature or Enhancement

In order to access the System Support Centre when it goes live, you’ll need to register and follow the steps on the below (please register before the go-live date so you are all ready to use it):

Once complete, you’ll be able to find The Systems Support Centre in the Customer Support tab on your Kitchen CUT site.