Nutritional analysis of recipes

One of the latest features to be added to Kitchen CUT is the ability to generate nutritional analysis on recipes. It has never been easier and more cost effective for businesses to generate nutritional data for their dishes in their Kitchen CUT account. But why do it? What are the benefits to you for looking at your nutritional analysis?

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Whether you’re a single café to a fine dining restaurant, guest house to international hotel chain, everyone can take advantage of our new Nutritional Analysis Tool. Add your analysis as you compose your dishes for instant breakdowns of your dish composition. Per 100g and Per Servings are all calculated for you instantly.

Pending Regulations

With regulations pending in both the US and the UK, the need to start thinking about analysing the nutritional content of your dishes is going to become ever more important.

More information on what is expected for Restaurants in the US can be found on the National Restaurant Association website.

According to the UK’s Government site, the compulsory nutritional declaration is coming in to force on 13 December 2016. So why not get ahead of the curve and get this practice instilled in your business?

Giving customers what they want

Remember it’s not just about doing what you are legally required to do. A lot of diners like to look at menus and pre-select what they want/can have. For example customers with dietary or allergy requirements, or those following a particular diet plan like to research in advance so they can make an informed choice. If your online menu, or the menu on display outside your restaurant shows customers which dishes are suitable for customers on a low-calorie diet for example, they will be more likely to choose your restaurant over another.

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Sharing with the team

Once you’ve created your nutritional profile on your recipe in Kitchen CUT, it will sit on each dish spec. This means when you print out the specs for the Front of House team you can brief them on which dishes are low in fat/sugar/calories etc. Great for communication with the Front of House team, but even better for the customer – a confident team that can advise customers on suitable dishes on the menu without having to run and check with chef every time there is a question. Low maintenance for the business but of mass benefit to the customer.

Costing Spec Sheet

Data Source

Our analysis tool pulls data from both the current USDA & FSA CoFIDS Food Labeling databases giving all members the ability to provide for the customers. Nutritional Analysis is available for Solo, Professional and Executive Users, so no matter the size of your business you can use it.


Sign up for a free trial now to see how easy it is to produce nutritional analysis on recipes.




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