Menu planning software that keeps customers happy

Menu planning for restaurants has never been so easy . . .

─ allergen tracking
─ nutritional analysis
─ digital menus
─ dish photo galleries
─ ingredient listings

Kitchen CUT – menu planning software that cuts the complexity in your food and beverage business

If you’re looking for a fast and effective way to manage your menus and recipes, ensuring you keep your customers happy, then Kitchen CUT is for you. Our menu planning and costing software is the UK’s leading solution for restaurants.

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Menu planning plays a critical part in every restaurant.

For many reasons it acts as a –

  • Front of house training tool
  • Sales and marketing tool
  • Culinary calendar including special events

You’d be surprised, however many businesses don’t look at menu planning more than once a year. Not only is it important for your customers as it keeps your menus interesting and different using seasonal produce, but it also helps to keep your teams inspired!

This is where Kitchen CUT steps in.

Menu planning is one of the fundamentals that a business needs to understand and operate to and yet so many do not. No matter what sized business you are, or what your experience may be, menu planning is an essential routine to take on board. Kitchen CUT can help automate much of the manual admin work, giving you the time to get creative in the kitchen.

Kitchen CUT is a dynamic and agile menu planning solution.

Kitchen CUT is a one of kind menu costing solution. Its speed and ease of use sets it apart from any other system on the market. Teams love using Kitchen CUT for this very reason.

From many years of frustration, trying to adopt other systems just became too time consuming. There seems to be a general understanding that any kind of system takes a long time to implement, but this is where many are wrong.

Kitchen CUT is quick and easy to set up, and training is deemed necessary for only the few. The majority of Kitchen CUT customers simply sign up and start operating – as easy as that.

Menu planning at its best

Kitchen CUT : the leading menu planning software

Never before has a menu planning app been quicker, easier or more accessible from anywhere in the world.

When a menu planning solution has so many benefits it’s difficult to cover them all, but the proof is in the pudding and we’ve seen amazing results from our customers, from both time saving and profit boosting. The feedback remains the same – easy to use and fast to get onboard.

John Wood: My No.1 menu planning software for chefs

“Kitchen CUT is my No. menu planning software solution that is built on the essentials; usability, engagement and operational excellence.”

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