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“We have now rolled this out to the entire estate, and the teams absolutely love it!”

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“Our Kitchen CUT experience began in September, with the teams using and in our first five months we’ve seen some incredible results from the system. Originally, we used this solely as the ops team at Head Office, with a view to achieving costing stability. The system is so user-friendly, it made it easy for us, to train out our teams – many of whom have not used a system such as Kitchen CUT in their careers. Before, the teams would not have considered how tax, cost of sale and wastage contribute to their dish cost, so with basic settings alone, the system has saved us a significant amount of money.

We have now rolled this out to the entire estate, and the teams absolutely love it – our chefs love to use the tool for their specials, and the teams rely on it as an information hub for the likes of our drinks spec books.

Chefs now have a true understanding of food cost and how to achieve margins in a logical way, and as a result, in just these first few months we’ve already seen a 1% increase in GP, which for us is approximately £4000.00.

As much as people believe chefs aren’t in to technology, they really are – but it needs to be user friendly, so with the ability to drag and drop pictures and create their recipes has got them hugely engaged. As an added bonus, we have now found that the chefs use it as an innovation hub – they love to input their recipes and share with the other sites. The knock-on effect of the simplicity of the user interface has meant collaborative innovation between chefs which has been a fantastic added bonus. 

With regards to onboarding this has been one of the easiest systems to implement. The process was so easy, and the  

As new systems go, this has been one of the easier ones – the team loaded everything that was required, so it was incredibly straight forward for us. As far as ongoing support since our implementation goes, this is a bit of a back-handed compliment but the system is so easy to use, it’s not really needed. We have had one technical issue which was resolved within an hour. It’s a backhanded compliment that we don’t need the support, but equally, we know the service levels are excellent when we need them. 

We know that the system offers a wealth of other modules, however, we would be hugely confident rolling out the wider system after having gone through phase one with you.

I am an old school chef who was probably in love with the legacy systems, but since finding Kitchen CUT its so clean and easy, user-friendly – my seven-year-old daughter put a recipe in – it’s that easy to use, it’s almost fool-proof I’d say!” 

Lee Byers, Food Operations Manager, McManus Pubs.

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