What’s new on Kitchen CUT?

Technical Director Simon Haynes has the latest news from the Development Team, with an update from Q3 2015, giving an overview of some of the latest feature releases and system updates on Kitchen CUT.

Out of Beta!

As 6 months has flown by since our new release, we’re celebrating coming ‘Out of Beta’. It has been an amazing, development-packed time but we have certainly seen the upside as we now span across over 50 countries worldwide. As we continue to invest in our kitchen management software we are delivering even more value to our customers, through new features, new optimisations, new integrations and rock solid performance. The Summer is quiet for some but not at Kitchen CUT! Our teams have exploded into activity working tirelessly on adding new features for our Group Network – and meeting the needs of complex Group Operations. Group Network is a dedicated kitchen management network for multiple locations with multiple internal outlets and is ideal for National & International Hotel Brands & Restaurants. Contact us for a copy of our Group Network brochure to find out more about how it could work in your business.

New Features Overview

It’s not all top-end development though. We’ve added some neat new features for all members. Here’s a quick overview:
  • Add videos to your recipe – now you can embed YouTube and Vimeo videos directly into dishes which can be viewed onscreen. Bring added consistency to your dishes – this is particularly useful across Groups where you share recipes and want a consistent product.
  • Add notes to your ingredients – perfect for cleaning up any ambiguous instructions and ingredients prep and quantities

  • New automation released for ProcureWizard – speed up your data input from system to system for both pricing and allergens
  • Ingredients import changes – we’ve sped up the import rate and also analyse the date for duplicates giving you cleaner results
  • Order lists – create automated and accumulated ingredient lists from your dishes or menus and email them direct to your supplier… Now made even better as your supplier can Confirm or Decline your order direct.
  • New automation released for Birch Street – clean your data as you import. Our Birch Street algorithm analyses your data and restructures it automatically

Happy Customers

As always, we love to hear feedback from our customers, it helps us to improve and continually develop our recipe costing software, kitchen management system, and menu planning platform, positioning us firmly as the market leader. AND if the development updates were not enough to shout about, our Support Service Teams are legendary! We’re serious when it comes to support and so we love to share our latest stats to back it up. There is no need to worry about being on your own – we’ve got you covered!
  • Satisfaction for the last 30 days is 100%
  • 48% are answered within the first hour
  • 96% of all support tickets are responded to, with majority solved within 24hrs
We have another jam packed schedule coming up so watch this space for more updates and releases in Q4 2015.


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