Latest Release Update – July 2018 | Kitchen CUT

The latest Kitchen CUT system update is due for release on Tuesday 3rd July with a host of improvements, tweaks and new features and most noticeably a change to the navigation of the system. Here’s our guide to the changes you need to know about…..

Interactive support tool

In order to make the changes as simple to follow as possible, we’ve introduced a new interactive support tool, designed to help guide users through system changes.  Launching with the most recent update, we’ll be further investing in this functionality to give users a growing library of step by step, interactive support, information and guidance.

Upon logging into the system on Tuesday morning, you will be greeted with a prompt to run through the ‘Walk Me’ tutorial.  This tutorial will take no more than two minutes of your time and will show you where there have been changes to the system navigation, so that you can find everything you need quickly and easily.  If you need to run through the tutorial later in the day, at a more convenient time for you, you can access it via the Customer Support tab at the top of your screen and select ‘New Menu Overview’.Walk Me Tutorial

Terminology changes

There have been a few changes to terminology:

  • Order Lists are now called Production Lists.

  • Order Lists is now the umbrella term for all methods of generating lists of products to order.

  • EPOS Console is now Configuration (and can be found in the Sales section of the main menu).

  • All Products/Recipes/Subs Recipes/Menu are now My Products, My Recipes, etc.

New Location Guide

We’ve put together a quick reference guide to finding everything you need in the updated system.  You can download and print it off here.

Other Improvements 

  • Allergens – now featuring exactly which allergens are contained in the products of sub-recipes/recipes as well as the listing of recipes and menus. Look out for the icons next to these items, and hover over to see the name of the allergen.

  • Linking recipes to outlets – it is now possible to quickly set link multiple recipes/sub-recipes to multiple revenue outlets. From the recipe list view, multi-check some recipes and then choose “Change revenue outlet” from the “Do with selected…” option at the bottom of the page. Note that this will overwrite the list of revenue outlets for a recipe/sub-recipes (not add to those already set).

  • Stock Taking – a number of improvements to the stock taking process, including:

    • Improvements to the Area Stock Take process when working offline. Any line items that could not be saved whilst offline will be highlighted red, and you can use the “Save All” button at the bottom to save them when you have internet connectivity

    • When closing/opening Outlet Inventory Counts, there is now a preview screen that highlights variances from the theoretical (system calculated) closing stock to the opening stock (as counted in the stock take process). This preview helps you spot errors in stock taking before committing the new stock count. Please note that until you have stock inflation (ordering) and depletion (sales) running end-to-end, the variances appear large as the system calculated stock positions will not be accurate.

  • Credits – it is now possible to search and filter credits and download them in Excel format for exporting to accounting packages, similar to the option for Invoices. To export credits, multi-check some credits and then choose “Download as XML” from the “Do with selected…” option at the bottom of the page.

  • New Units – you can now refer to stock held as “Each” in several new ways: Tray, Tin, Sack, Carton, Pair, Roll, Container, Loaf

  • Main directors – it is now possible to provide (multiple) users with “Main Director” privileges, allowing them fully manage other users in the system, including assigning Director/Main Director privileges. Please note that the first user in the system is always a “Main Director” – please speak to you system admin or KC product expert for any assistance

  • Automatically generated invoices/credits – it is now possible to choose different settings per supplier, so that you can choose for which suppliers to automatically generate invoices/credits, and whether those invoices should be based on the purchase order (traditional billing) or the actual stock received (clean/self-billing).

  • Recipe Gallery View – you now have the ability to create “storyboards” within your recipes, consisting of a set of ordered images, each with attached notes. This allows you to write step-by-step guides with images for your users to follow. Once added to the recipe, the storyboard can be viewed with the new “View – Gallery” option.

  • Manually recording sales – if you are not connected to your EPOS system, it is now easier to enter sales manually by duplicating a previous RIS (Record of Imported Sales). Simply choose the “Duplicate” option from the Actions button.

  • System depletion – a number of new build-outs here to support different operational types. Inventory classes have been introduced allowing the split and separation of Food and Beverage within a single outlet. The splitting of inventory by type now allows offset weekly/monthly stock taking procedures to take place. Open orders and transfers also roll across into new stock periods during the point of delivery. Any number of classes can be set within the system giving total flexibility. These can be added from accessing ‘Settings > Inventory > Inventory Classes’. Once added you can assign all orders, transfers and live counts accordingly which will enable the system to then inflate/deflate accordingly. If you do use inventory classes, then it will be important to have your system set up in the correct way. Please contact your KC product expert for more items accordingly > please note this is only relevant for users who are connected to EPoS and are actively recording sales and usage.   


New EPOS integrations

We are pleased to announce that Integrations to the following EPOS systems are now available:


  • iKentoo

  • Zonal

  • Mission

  • Symphony 2

Please speak to customer support or your EPOS provider if you would like to discuss connection options. We will be launching a number of other EPOS integrations in the near future, so watch this space!

Other Fixes

  • When entering manual credit, these can now be back-dated

  • Some customers were having difficulty entering decimal numbers in stock taking or recipe costing, which is now resolved

  • For customers using net weight on products, some fixes to the display of costing information and ordering

  • Supplier filter on invoices now working

  • Fixes for handling products with secondary units

  • Many other tweaks and bug fixes

The level of change that you’ll experience will also be dependent on the package that you’re signed up to.  The more comprehensive packages will have more changes and your support team will be available to help you out where required.


For any questions you may have, please feel free to contact us | 03301130050.


You can get more information about Kitchen CUT by emailing or calling +44 (0) 330 113 0050

You can register for a free trial here


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