Kitchen team management skills #2

Important: kitchen team management and dealing with those that are difficult to control

Having weaker, less willing people working in your business can be very damaging and can result in bad morale.
I would suggest sitting down and appraising each team member with the help of your sous chef – discussing and recording what each member of staff does well and which areas they need to improve on.

You need timelines for when any improvements need to happen by but most importantly you need to write down strategies for what YOU are going to do to help your chefs achieve those improvements. You should try and treat all your staff as equal but at the same time you must learn that some chefs need more hand-holding than others. Be very clear of what you expect and when you expect it by.

If you have a large enough brigade, share the personnel management responsibilities with your senior team, so that each senior manager has around five to six people (and no more) to appraise/manage. If there are only five or six chefs in your brigade, you need to manage them all yourself.

Kitchen CUT is releasing job descriptions and appraisal forms for ALL levels of chefs later this year, which would definitely help with this.

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