Market-leading kitchen management software that delivers insights and performance

Kitchen management software that is quick to set up and easy to use . . .

─ manage spend
─ control stock
─ improve profit
─ reduce waste
─ increase efficiency

Online kitchen management software that is designed for teams on the move

John Wood, founder of Kitchen CUT, explains the background that brought this market-leading tool to market.

“Over the last 35 years in the industry I have noticed technology come and go, and certainly over the last few years have begun to notice a change in the industry where SME’s are leading change with their choice of restaurant managing software. Smaller businesses can adapt quicker, which leaves larger corporates and groups still holding onto legacy software which is fast becoming outdated.

It is time to embrace the changing tide of technology and believe in its ability to support teams in operation.”

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A chef’s role isn’t just about creating fantastic culinary experiences.

Kitchen CUT was built on the basis that teams on the move have very little time to keep up with all of the daily routine tasks that are expected of them. Kitchen CUT can help. Kitchen CUT manages these background tasks, freeing up time for teams to do what they’re trained to do.

If we look at the facts, food and beverage teams are expected to deliver on a lot of fronts. From ordering to managing stock, choosing suppliers, overseeing costs, training and building teams, not to mention being responsible for the overall profitability of the F&B function. So teams are stretched already, before they’ve even started to look at performance reports for the management team.

Kitchen CUT is a dynamic and agile kitchen management software.

Using Kitchen CUT as a complete kitchen management software can help take many of these pressures away which means teams can focus on delivering consistency, quality and experience whilst increasing their awareness and effect of cost and profitability.

Kitchen CUT is a cloud-based, kitchen management software. Cloud-based, meaning it can be accessed from anywhere, on any device. Smart technology that is quickly transforming how businesses operate ensuring costs are controlled, profit targets are met, teams are well trained and in fact more informed as the information is there, on their device, giving complete transparency and insight into their operation’s performance.

The world’s best kitchen management system

Kitchen CUT is the leading kitchen management system

Kitchen CUT is the ONLY cloud-based kitchen management system that focuses on teams and usability. Usability is such a critical element to have when it comes to technology.

It is something that was never thought of when competing legacy systems were developed.

Performance, transparency and insights which have not yet been seen before from any other back office chef system.

John Wood: My No.1 kitchen management system

Legacy systems were built by ‘techies’ long before the idea that using technology should be friendly to use, not feared and that stigma is very quickly shifting as many have smart phones and tablets in their everyday lives.

Technology has to, without doubt, be usable otherwise it serves no purpose. Modern technology must change the lives of those that use it, and this is the basis on which Kitchen CUT was formed.

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