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Operational control, improved performance, better customer experiences

We’re different to other systems available online. We have tailored products for all business types, bringing high level/high performance menu pricing software solutions to all levels.

We continually invest in our product; we develop and innovate to adapt to the pressures and performance that is required by the largest and most enduring businesses in the field.

Let Co-Founder John Wood tell you what makes Kitchen CUT different.

Kitchen CUT’s foundations are built on John Wood’s unique insights and experiences. His knowledge of management and cost control within myriad commercial kitchens has been poured into our kitchen management software solutions.

Introducing . . . Advanced Analytics


Advanced Analytics

Now you can gain even deeper insights into your business and its operational performance. Compare and contrast every component in your organisation, to make instant, data-driven decisions.

Our Networked product range

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Our Networks are designed for performance, reliability, stability, scalability, accessibility and usability and we have invested heavily in our core architecture to ensure we have longevity.

The best thing about Kitchen CUT is that we are not limited in any way, so we can keep enhancing our software solutions — bolting on new features, extending our capabilities year on year, giving all of our members added value, or options to extend their functionality.

We strive to improve processes, by automating more of the detail – procurement and EPOS integrations are possible with our Networks meaning that the data is there for you to use, view and analyse in an instant.

To keep our Networks simple and easy to understand, we have split them into three operational specific products –

Retail Network

Perfect for high street restaurant chains, cafes and bars with standardised menus. Control all of your dishes centrally, across all of your outlets, giving them all instant, up to date information, the second it is updated at head office. Each outlet can view the centralised menu, produce daily routine reports, which can be fed into our ‘Advanced Analytics’ manager. This gives instant insights into any or all outlets in the business to compare and contrast performance.

Operational control, improved performance, happy customers


Operational control, improved performance, happy customers


Multi-Outlet Network

A real powerhouse for Resorts and Multi-Outlet operations within the same region or country. This gives the flexibility of centralizing critical business operations, product pricing, supplier management, Food Cost / Gross Profit Targeting, but gives each outlet the ability to create dishes, control their menus and measure performance at each outlet as well as from a group level.

Group Network

This is the ‘Ultimate’ in Kitchen Management Software Solution – The Complete Digital Kitchen.

Our Group Network allows businesses, franchises and international brands to extend their systems across borders. Each and every location can be tailored specifically to the business’ needs and settings. Each system can be individually developed and extended, on its own, or as a group. Group Network has advanced supplier and pricing management, meaning you can control data on a much larger scale. Share dishes globally, with different currencies or different suppliers even. Our advanced background algorithms check and match data in seconds. In reporting, our ‘advanced analytics’ manager allows you to drill down into location and outlet level giving you real-time insights at the touch of a button.

Our Group Network is for large scale business: mixed operational types, separate P&Ls and those that want the very best to help their teams to perform.

Operational control, improved performance, happy customers


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