Recipe software that saves time, money and talent

What could happen to your business if you used the world’s best recipe costing software. . .

─ improve margins
─ increase consistency
─ control food cost
─ reduce food waste
─ increase team performance

A complete restaurant recipe manager built for the modern day F&B business

John Wood, founder of Kitchen CUT, explains what is so different about Kitchen CUT.

“Having spent 35 years in the world of food & beverage I’ve worked in a lot of places with a lot of different kit. The strange thing was that no matter where I worked they all had the same issues and faced the same operational challenges.

Nowadays, managing food and beverage is a complex job – as an experienced F&B Director I’ve seen it all across many different hospitality sectors. No matter what sized business you’re in, the role of the F&B team is critical to the overall profitability of it.

Restaurant POS from

Is there a solution?

There must be cloud-based recipe costing software out there that is fit for purpose?

Well, I searched high and low and have experienced all that there is to offer. From one legacy system to another, I only came across systems that were out of date with varying levels of accessibility.

In today’s world of modern technology how can systems still be geared for a single browser, or look like an old PC operating system – these just do not work anymore.

Installing a legacy recipe database software in not only wasteful, it is a non-starter. Every minute spent using it will need to be repeated in 6 months time, hence my role in shaping the world’s leading recipe cost calculator.

Cutting edge recipe manager

Kitchen CUT is a cutting edge recipe manager that takes away the pain from modern day operations. The system itself completely changes how an operation works, freeing up time for the whole F&B team to carry out their daily routines.

We have seen some amazing results from customers using Kitchen CUT. After as little as 3 months, companies have seen profit improvements of up to 10%.

Better profits isn’t the only benefit of using Kitchen CUT either. Reducing administration tasks, keeping track of supplier performance, reconciling invoices, managing allergens and retaining staff have all been accredited to the best recipe software in the business.

The world’s best online recipe software

The ONLY restaurant recipe software system

Kitchen CUT is the ONLY restaurant recipe software system that focuses on operations. When controlling costs is at the heart of a business you need a solution that actually works.

Customers rely on Kitchen CUT because it has been designed by taking into account the most important element, the end user. Food and beverage teams comment on its ease of use, its engaging interface and its superior performance.

Kitchen CUT provides performance, transparency and insights which have not yet been seen before from any other back office recipe system.

John Wood: Best recipe software

“I’ve worked with other recipe costing systems as well as procurement systems but nothing has ever hit the mark. Today the expectation of technology is so high we could never go to market just with another alternative to the rest. We have had to develop, innovate and deliver a system that turns everything on its head to ensure we drive through expertise and best practice across the industry.

Kitchen CUT is my No.1 recipe costing solution that purely focuses on engagement, transparency and operations.”

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