Hospitality software that pays real dividends

This hospitality app is not to be ignored . . .

─ improve food cost
─ comply with allergen legislation
─ analyse nutrition
─ monitor supplier pricing
─ maximise team potential

Food costing software that should form the heart of any food and beverage operation

Technology in the modern day business is crucial. In other industries we see cloud-based solutions booming and so hospitality should not be any different. Hospitality software should not be feared and if anything be embraced – after all it’s there to support the teams in operation.

John Wood comments, “I’ve experienced most systems available on the market, and across 35 years in the industry never found one system that I could really work with effectively. It was out of sheer frustration that I created Kitchen CUT. It has been my absolute goal to simplify kitchen operations, and the start to all of this was focusing in on food costing.”

Restaurant POS from

A chef’s role isn’t just about creating fantastic culinary experiences.

Food costing is the very foundation that a business needs to understand and operate to and yet so many do not. No matter what sized business you are, or what your experience may be, Kitchen CUT can help take away some of the manual admin work, allowing you to get creative in the kitchen.

Kitchen CUT was built on the basis that it would CUT complexity and this is the foundation of any successful software system nowadays. Cutting complexity, cutting food cost, cutting administration all means more time back to the team.

Kitchen CUT is a dynamic and agile chef application.

After many interviews and kitchen visits, we found that up to three quarters of a working week was being spent on manual tasks, costing, ordering, allergen checking, stock taking, and yet after using Kitchen CUT found that time was completely reversed.

Reducing all the headaches into a quarter of the time, giving back those three quarters to focus on talking to customers, creating new dishes and menus, training team members, finding new innovation – everything that businesses need to ensure they stay one step ahead of the competitive curve.

The world’s best hospitality software

Kitchen CUT is the leading chef platform

Having such a successful catering software at your fingertips really is an exciting way to to view performance. In app analytics let you see your data in new and improved ways, and Chefs love it. The system is intuitive and easy to use and be accessed anywhere on any device.

When a food cost program has so many benefits it’s difficult to cover them all, but the proof is in the pudding and we’ve seen amazing results from our customers, from both time saving and profit boosting. The main feedback is usability though. Customers simply sign up and go, so little training is needed. When software is this good you can’t afford to miss out, and remember the longer it takes to make a decision, the more chance you are missing out every day.

John Wood: My No.1 software for chefs

If anything our recipe costing app is there as a backup, a business insurance to ensure that any operation can continue to deliver and perform no matter the circumstances.

“Kitchen CUT is my No.1 hospitality software solution that concentrates its focus on usability, engagement, operational excellence.”

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