Hospitality fights back: ideas to help your business survive

There’s no denying that the next few weeks, maybe months, will bring a lot of uncertainty and disruption for hospitality businesses, large and small.  We’ve been really inspired by the creative and innovative ways that the industry is rising to the challenge, and wanted to share some of these ideas with you…

Don’t come to us, we’ll come to you.

If your customers are unable to get to you, then why not take the food to them?  More and more business are operating a local delivery service and operating this free of charge for the elderly.

If you’re considering this approach, here are some steps to take:

  • Communicate this via social media and email campaigns.
  • Update your website to include your COVID-19 protocols.
  • Make it clear that food delivery will be on a ‘no contact basis’ and how food preparation and packaging will have safety protocols in place.
  • Set expectations for delivery times – you’re likely not a fast food operation and won’t delivery to those timescales.
  • Utilise front of house staff to facilitate deliveries. *You may need to check your vehicle insurance first.
  • Decide on a process for taking orders and managing them.
Food delivery

Additional extras.

Putting steps in place to facilitate food orders, opens up another opportunity to provide a drop off service for shopping too.

Consider partnering with a local shop or supermarket to deliver shopping along with a meal.

Increase space, remove tables.

Operations who are taking the decision to remain open are doing so by taking into account social distancing measures and communicating these changes to customers to reassure that every steps are being taken to ensure safety:

  • Removing tables to increase space between customers.
  • Asking front of house teams to reduce contact as much as possible – rather than leaning across to collect plates, asking customers to pass or take plates directly from serving staff.
  • Increasing hygiene practices.

Help others in need…

The sudden nature and rapid development of the situation in the UK means that a  large number of F&B businesses will be left with surplus stock.  Supporting homeless charities by donating food that would otherwise go to waste is a great way of helping others. is just one of many organisations that will help you to do this – you can find out more here:

Buy now, redeem later.

All over the country, customers are worrying that their favourite coffee house, pub or restaurant will struggle in the current climate.  They’re aware that without immediate support, businesses will flounder and they may not get the chance to visit again. 

We’ve noticed a few local business are operating a voucher scheme to keep the money coming in.  Creating vouchers online and promoting them on social media will give your local communities the chance to support you without actually coming to you. 

If your business has identified a new and innovative way to make the most of a quiet period for the industry, we’d love to hear about it!  Tag us on social media (links in at the end of this post) and we’ll share with our followers to spread the word

In the meantime, we’re here to help you. As many of you will know, our Co-Founder is a Michelin Starred Chef who has run his own group of restaurants and is also an F&B business consultant with over 35 years in the industry. John has kindly volunteered his time, to offer advice and consultation regarding the current situation and how best to move forward. If you’d like to organise a one hour webinar session with John (there will be no cost for this), then please get in touch (bear in mind we will try to accommodate as many requests as John is able to fulfli and they will be allocated on a first come, first served basis).

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