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“With the constant updates that are coming out, the system is always on top of the game. The nutritional and allergen management is truly a gamechanger.”

“In my career, I’ve used every software there is, I could never really get my head around F&B Software as it always seemed very old fashioned and clunky, without the end user in mind when it was being designed. When Kitchen CUT came along it felt so modern and intuitive!

With the constant updates that are coming out, the system is always on top of the game. The nutritional and allergen management is truly a gamechanger.

At Green & Fortune, our F&B Front of House team, GM, supervisor, retail managers, catering staff, senior chefs, executive and head chefs and sous chefs all use the system daily, with the penny really starting to drop within the team in regard to just how beneficial Kitchen CUT is.

Traditionally, the company hasn’t been super technology-focussed, so introducing a system like this is a real culture shock, but our old processes left a lot of room for error; we lacked transparency across supplier spend, as we’d adopted a manual process of comparing delivery notes to POs, so it’s been very quick to push through the benefits of ordering, stock control and tracking costs through Kitchen CUT – the feedback from the teams is great, as soon as they start using the system they’re seeing benefits and loving its usability; it’s saving time and confusion across the entire operation.

Historically, recording recipes manually was very laborious – Kitchen CUT solves that for us; it’s great as it highlights dishes which aren’t performing, and tells us what to charge them at so we can make the necessary changes to keep being better and better. Prices are automatically updating which gives us an accurate GP reading and that’s what the people at the top care about.

The recipe management module gives us so much control. It allows the chefs to have the peace of mind that they’re creating dishes to the correct specification, and that we achieve dish consistency every time. The chefs love it and believe it’s totally reliable, and the customer view is great as we can put ourselves in the shoes of our customers and analyse things from their perspective; it gives us exceptional all-round insight.

Ordering with Kitchen CUT is simple, particularly when it comes to event management as it works out exactly what we need to order and how much of each ingredient, which is just incredible. Previously our ordering didn’t link to our stock, accounts or recipes – whereas now it is and we get the whole picture, which is amazing! It’s allowed us to really scrutinise things, and I truly believe this particular area of the system would be a huge benefit to any new proprietors.

Stock-taking through Kitchen CUT has been a god-send; before it took 3 whole days to do a count, this involved one day spent purely counting, then the following two attempting to consolidate them all – Kitchen CUT takes care of all of this for us; each chef simply inputs the stock for their area, and then we review and consolidate – a process which now only takes half a day from start to finish!

The chefs love the different data visualisations within Kitchen CUT as this really helps give them an understanding of their sales data and performance – and now, with the sales integration, we can see our actual and theoretical GP% coming closer and closer.

Kitchen CUT is fast, efficient and accurate; we can compare data easily from one day to the next which gives us excellent insight to run our business successfully. Over the years, Kitchen CUT has evolved so much to cater to the customer’s needs, it’s incredible. From a Client Services perspective, everyone I have ever dealt with has been extremely helpful and diligent. The team are always very quick to respond and are always honest with timelines and updates – that level of support is key for the F&B industry.”

Jason Wild – Chef Director

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